climate and consumption – re-evaluating Svante Arrhenius




Announcing a new discourse analysis:

Climate and consumption. Social constitution of anthropogenic climate change from 1600 to Svante Arrhenius


Svante Arrhenius is considered the „Father of Climate Change“. The idea of „anthropogenic climate change“ allegedly goes back to him. But this statement is not tenable on closer examination of the discourse of climate change. Hardly any position of Svante Arrhenius is genuine. He is in a long tradition of discourse from 1600 until the publication „On the Influence of Carbonic Acid in the Air upon the Temperature of the Ground“ (1896). These different positions of discourse are recorded and analyzed in the present study. Svante Arrhenius is re-evaluated and classified into the following topics: Glacier, Ice Age, Greenhouse Effect, Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide. The study area is located in the Alps of Savoy, Switzerland and Tyrol.


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